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Posted by Daryl Rinaldi on Thu, May 28, 2015 @ 08:36 AM

Boston IT SupportPenetration testing is a key component of an IT Security program.  GizmoFish and other Boston area IT Support companies can offer this service to you at relatively low cost.  But it should be part of a larger overall security program.  Let me explain what penetration testing is and how it fits into a security program.

You have your internal network inside your company and this is where all your computers and devices reside.  Then there is of course the internet - the external network.  A firewall is the device that sits in between your internal network and routes traffic to and from the internet to and from the appropriate device on your internal network.  The firewall  is the device that makes sure that when you click on a link to download a file for example the file downloads to YOUR computer and not your coworker's computer.  But the other thing a firewall does as you may guess by the name is to protect your internal network from all the baddies out there.  The firewall is configured by your IT Support company or department to only allow in traffic that you specifically want to allow in.

So here is where penetration testing comes in.  Penetration testing tries all kinds of approaches to try to breach the firewall and gain access to your network.  You are looking for vulnerabilities.  This is what the bad guys do all day long so you are essentially doing it yourself to try to find any vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.   The penetration test will produce a report showing all the attacks it tried and if any were successful in gaining access to your internal network. 

In addition to the benefit of finding security vulnerabilities it is also documentation that you have taken proactive steps to protect your network.  If your network is ever breached and there is any regulatory and legal action it may be important to show that you took a proactive approach to security.

If your penetration test finds vulnerabilities your IT Support company can take steps to close those "holes" in your firewall.  A penetration test by itself is not enough to tell you how secure your company is.  As I said above it is only 1 component of a larger IT Security program.  But it is an important piece and can help you ensure your company's security.

GizmoFish can run a penetration test on your network as part of an overall IT Security audit and program.  Call GizmoFish at 866-MY-GIZMO (866-694-4966) Ext. 1 or just click on the link below.

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