GizmoFish Success Story


Feldman Land Surveyors is Boston’s premier, high-tech land surveyor, specializing in 3D laser scanning, building information modeling, and smart surveying. For over 70 years Feldman Land Surveyors has worked on some of Boston’s most iconic institutions including the Boston Public Library, Boston Symphony Hall, Boston College, the John Hancock Tower and more. Data is the lifeblood of their business and having immediate access to that data is critical to their continued success and survival. As a result, Feldman Land Surveyors demands a Boston Managed Services Company that not only protects that data against loss, breach, and corruption, but also ensures that their continued and immediate access to data is not disrupted. That is why Feldman Land Surveyors chose GizmoFish.

On a recent Friday night, GizmoFish received an alert about a problem with one of Feldman Land Surveyors’ servers. Because Feldman Land Surveyors is using GizmoFish’s GizmoSafe Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Service, GizmoFish support staff were alerted of the issue immediately via their 24/7 monitoring, long before the client was even aware of an issue. GizmoFish remotely accessed the server and determined that multiple hard drive failures were the root of the problem. This server failure rendered several operational servers nonfunctional and made their valuable data completely inaccessible. Several days of downtime and lost work seemed imminent.

Once GizmoFish determined that the host server was not recoverable without the replacement of physical hard drives, they worked closely with Dell technical support to arrange the replacement of the hard drives. Replacement drives would not arrive until Tuesday however, potentially meaning two days of lost operations. Fortunately, the GizmoSafe Backup and Disaster Recovery system takes complete server snapshots every hour. And due to the GizmoSafe daily automated test restores, GizmoFish knew with absolute confidence that the server was completely restorable. GizmoFish was able to quickly virtualize an identical copy of the server from the time just prior to the failure. This ensured that on Monday morning, the client was up and running with no lost data, no lost work, and no downtime. As Feldman’s employees filed in Monday morning and logged into their machines, most employees didn’t even realize that over the weekend a potential IT disaster had been avoided.

The replacement hard drives were installed that Tuesday and GizmoFish performed an after-hours restoration back to the host server that night, capturing all the work done on the virtual backup server over the previous 2 days. The switch from virtual servers back to the original was completely imperceptible by employees logging into their machines the next morning. What could have been a massive IT disruption was instead an inconspicuous non-event. Again, this entire process, from identification, to diagnosis, to recovery and implementation of a fix happened with no disruption, no data loss, and nearly zero support required from the client.

Thanks to GizmoFish’s state-of-the-art backup and disaster recovery system Feldman land Surveyors avoided not only a potentially catastrophic data loss, but also the very expensive loss of 2 full days of operations. This type of commitment to the protection of customer data is one of the things that makes GizmoFish the Greater Boston Managed Service Company of choice for companies for whom data is the lifeblood of their operations.

As Brian Feldman, V.P./Treasurer of Feldman Land Surveyors tells it, “We simply could not afford any downtime during this very busy time. It was very reassuring when Monday came and everything worked normally. Then after the original server was repaired and restored also with no disruption or downtime, it validated our decision to hire GizmoFish to protect our valuable IT assets and keep our company running at full-speed. I would highly recommend GizmoFish to any business that wants to be confident they have rock-solid protection against downtime and data loss.”