GizmoFish understands the unique IT challenges that highly-regulated biotech companies face

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Why GizmoFish?

Biotech IT is different.

  1. The regulatory environment affects everything biotech companies do.
  2. There is a huge amount of time, activity, and growth that occurs before biotech companies earn any revenue.
  3. Clinical trials are major inflection points.
  4. Data is the lifeblood of a biotech business. Data and the IP that it drives are the foundation of a biotech company’s value.
  5. That data has to be both carefully protected AND accessible at the same time.

You deserve an IT firm with a deep understanding of the biotech company lifecycle and business model. But it is just as important that your IT firm cover the full scope of Biotech IT. This includes:

  • IT Infrastructure - computers, networks, helpdesk support, etc. GizmoFish ensures that you have top quality systems, properly configured, properly maintained, backed up, protected by world-class cyber security, and supported by a rapid-response helpdesk.
  • IT Strategy – You will invest in the right technology at the right stage of growth. And you won’t outgrow your technology or end up with underutilized “shelfware”.
  • Applications – GizmoFish helps biotech companies vet, evaluate, deploy, and integrate applications in every department – Clinical, Manufacturing, HR, Commercial, Quality, Finance, Regulatory, etc.
  • Compliance – GizmoFish plays a key role in compliance, including conducting compliance and risk audits, designing and implementing SOX controls, participating in GxP vendor audits, and developing policies and SOPs.

If you want an IT Team that can provide the full scope of biotech IT throughout your company lifecycle from benchtop through commercialization, call GizmoFish today.

In the meantime check out our helpful biotech IT blog for IT guidance for biotech operational executives who are not IT experts.


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