Office 365/Cloud Services

Let GizmoFish show you how Office 365 and Cloud Computing can turbocharge your operations

Office 365 Migration, Deployment, Management, and Consulting Services

Microsoft’s Office 365 is used by over half the businesses in the world. It provides the worlds best email system, the full suite of Microsoft software, and data sharing and collaboration features such as SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. And it does all this with no expensive servers or software to maintain and host yourself. No wonder so many businesses are switching to Office 365!

To fully ensure security and uptime, GizmoFish’s cloud computing experts will proactively manage, secure, back-up, and maintain your Office 365 tenant for you. Don’t waste time configuring and managing Office 365 yourself. Leave it to our team of highly trained experts so you can focus on running your business.

Migrating an existing email system to Office 365? The migration of an email system to Office 365 is a complex process. If it is done wrong, it can disrupt your operations and even result in the loss of valuable data. Let GizmoFish handle this migration and ensure you have minimal disruption and the full migration of all data.

Let GizmoFish handle your Office 365:

  • Migration – GizmoFish will migrate all of your email from your current email system to Office 365 in a way that minimizes downtime and user disruption and ensures that no data is lost in the process.
  • Licensing – We’ll make sure you buy the right licenses for your specific needs and that you don’t overbuy and pay for features you don’t need. We will guide you on which Office 365 features and services are right for your company to ensure you maximize the return on your investment into Office 365. We may be able to show you features in Office 365 that you didn’t know about that can help your business.
  • Configuration – Office 365 is a big product with a lot of different components that must be properly configured. Let our trained experts configure this for you and ensure it is setup correctly right from the start
  • Security – Office 365 will house sensitive company data in email, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. Configuring, monitoring, and maintaining Office 365 in a way that ensures your data is secure is not easy. GizmoFish will make sure that the data that resides in Office 365 is as secure and protected as possible.
  • User Management – Let GizmoFish handle the onboarding and offboarding of users. We will make sure new employees have the proper Office 365 products and that they are setup properly before their 1st day. We will also ensure employees that are leaving are prevented from accessing Office 365 as soon as they leave, and that the company will still have access to the former employee’s data and email history.

Cloud Computing

Is it time to move your servers and/or desktops to the cloud? Cloud-hosted servers and desktops are not right for every organization, but for some companies they can save money, streamline operations, remove your dependency on a physical office, and enable a work-from-anywhere workforce. GizmoFish can help you determine if cloud computing makes sense for your company. If so, we can migrate you to the cloud in a way that minimizes any disruptions to your operations. Then we completely manage your cloud infrastructure 24x7.