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Join the growing list of accountants, lawyers, financial executives and other professional firms that have decided enough is enough.  No more wasting time dealing with IT issues.  No more waiting for things to break and then hoping your IT firm can get to it quickly.  No more wondering how much your IT bill will be this month.  Sign up for GizmoCare - our complete IT support package specifically designed to end the IT frustrations of Boston-area businesses like yours. Envision this:

  • Your network and computers running at peak performance at all times
  • Having absolute confidence that no matter what happens you your critical data is safe and your company can get back to work right away
  • Not having to deal with ANY IT issues yourself. 
  • Having anytime/anywhere access to your network and important business data
  • Having expert help just a phone call away any time of the day or night
  • Always knowing exactly what your IT bill will be each month.
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Experience the Difference

When it comes to IT support for small and mid-size businesses, GizmoFish is one of greater Boston's most reliable and trusted IT companies.  You will be able to rest easy with GizmoFish handling all of your IT concerns.

Whether you need Complete IT Support, an affordable yet state-of-the art Business Phone System, or a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that fully protects your valuable business data and ensures the continuity of your business operations, GizmoFish can provide it for you quickly and professionally.

Why Hire GizmoFish?

Our Managed IT Services are 100% focused  on 1 goal: ending downtime.  We realize IT problems that disrupt your business have a real cost.  In fact the cost of downtime or the risk of lost critical business data is much greater than the cost of the hardware, software, or IT services your business uses.

We support customers in industries including law, accounting, financial services, consulting, and non-profits.  Although these are different industries what they all have in common is they are busy professionals who rely on their IT infrastructure on a daily basis to get the job done.  This reliance on IT and not wanting to waste their own time on IT support is why customers hire GizmoFish.  Shouldn't you?

We Offer

  • Cloud Computing Solutions

  • Computer Networking Help

  • Business VOIP Phone Solutions

  • Business IT Strategy and Advice

Disaster Recovery Solutions

• Rapid-Response IT Support 


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