Business Phone Systems that keep you in touch no matter where you are

GizmoFish complete IT support for Boston-area businesses includes world-class business phone systems that don't break the bank.


VoIP: Little Acronym, Big Savings

Implementing an Internet-based phone system can increase your business flexibility and productivity while eliminating traditional phone system equipment investments. Our VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system offers features that aren't available with traditional business phone systems and it helps you save money on your long-distance and international phone bill.

You will have access to your phone system anywhere there's an Internet connection. Easily used with wireless connections, switching over to VoIP is a smart decision, as it provides affordable and improved communication for your entire business, especially your mobile workforce.

VoIP is about more than saving money.  In fact the primary reason businesses adopt VoIP is not just the costs savings, but is because of the added capabilities a VoIP business phone system offers.

• Voicemails are emailed to you immediately • Change your phone settings anywhere via the web
• Your home office phone can be an inter-office extension • Calls to branch offices are free inter-office calls
• Establish a remote presence with numbers in other area codes • Softphone app allows your iPhone to be an inter-office extension

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